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The Impressionist Art Movement stems from Monet 's Impression, Sunrise 1872.

The birth of Impressionism originated from a very particular period of time, and the Impressionist movement can be traced back to Paris in the 1860s, where four artists, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Albert Sisley and Frederic Bazille, worked together.

However, the list of prominent Impressionist artists is long and includes Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissarro, Joaquin Sorolla and Mary Cassatt, just to name a few.

The Impressionist artists also dismissed the previous practices of classical and religious painting. Instead, they shared a love of painting rivers and river scenes where the subtle effects of light on the water and the sun on the landscape at various times of the day could be noticed and captured in brief brushstrokes that gave the impression.

Through the Impressionist artists, outdoor painting and outdoor painting became popular. This has been a crucial element for the Impressionist Art Movement of Artists.

The first Impressionist Exhibition took place on the 15th of 1874. Thirty artists exhibited and 165 works displayed, which were seen by an estimated 4,000 people. Despite some negative reviews, the show was generally received. This was on this day that art history was made, and the future of modern art was cemented.

It wasn't until the Third Exhibition that the group was called "Impressionists." Although later exhibits attracted a great deal of public attention, many of the artists were unable to sell their work and suffered poverty throughout the time.

This wasn't until the great French art dealer, Paul Durand-Ruel, brought Impressionist oil painting to America with his exhibits in major cities that recognition and demand for Impressionist art increased and selling rates soared accordingly. As a result, Claude Monet became a successful artist and a wealthy man in his lifetime.

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