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Gheorghe Virtosu paintings reproduction

The Contemporary Artist was born on April 14, 1968, in a small village in Basarabia, in a loving family. When he was just 15 years old, he chose to leave home to pursue his schooling at a city college a few miles away from home. In doing so, he came up against many adversities, while having to comply with the strict discipline imposed by the school, mostly through a very active and physically demanding sports schedule. At the end of the day, though, the active sporting lifestyle that he led in college served him well in consideration for the mandatory military service that followed shortly after graduation.

Having dreamed a military career for himself, he ended up as a strong character ready to face any other obstacles that life may have thrown at him. After the fall of the Communist system in the Soviet Union, Gheorghe resigned from the army and went abroad in search of a new life, like most of the young people of Easter-European background.

After traveling the world far and wide, making one of his childhood dreams impossible for someone growing up behind the Iron Curtain, the artist finally chose Britain as his adoptive country, settled in London, and acquired British citizenship after a few years.

In 2004, the artist was detained by the French authorities. At the end of a long and costly investigation, he was accused of having created one of the largest immigration networks in Europe since the Great War.

Born under the bold sign of Aries, the artist is hardly a man to be kept under any circumstances. Though deprived of his freedom of movement, his mind and spirit rose to the heights of creative power that had never been attained before. As a result of his isolation, Virtosu came up with two novels. After a time of extreme artistic pressure, he found himself at the end of his wits, feeling mental and physical exhaustion. In the remaining time of his incarceration, he continued to sketch ideas and characters that would later come to life in his oil paintings.

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